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Terms and Connditions

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RULE ONE - Investing

For an example, If you invest $500 and earn your profit and you withdraw all profit and capital with intention to keep investing with Norvitas Capital ApS, you are mandated to make a deposit that is higher than your previous withdrawal.For example, you earned $575 and withdrew it all and want to invest again, you have to invest starting from $576 and above.

RULE TWO - Tampering

Avoid tampering with your investment especially if it is ongoing, this automatically stops your investment and will need you to reactivate it as our system is automatic.

RULE THREE - Registration

Do not create multiple accounts with the same IP address, the same email or with the same device. A Norvitas Capital ApS account should be assigned or created with one for each device.


You will pay a withdrawal fee which ranges from 10% - 39.6% which is the Regular Tax Rate for our Mega Plan(Cumulative Compounding).